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CoxJones Website

We love it when a plan comes together! The new logo for CoxJones was kept under wraps until the organization was ready to make a world-wide splash with an all-new website.

Lufkin Glow Show

我们有机会为拉夫金最新的家庭友好活动设计一个彩色标志. 当活动在宣布后几天内售罄时,你就知道这个想法是个好主意. We can't wait to see the apparel sales lift off, too!


一个全新的网站设计正是莱曼眼科中心的医生们所要求的. Point A Media delivered with bold graphics, high contrast text, integrated social media tools, and mobile-friendly programming. Visit the all-new LehmannEyeCenter.com because Seeing IS Believing!


一个新的网站是值得庆祝的,当你需要计划一个令人惊叹的派对时,大学租赁只是一个打电话的地方! Navigate their exceptional inventory through the new UniversityRentalNac.com.  


Point A Media为McMorries妇产科创建了这个全新的、移动友好的网站 & Infertility. DrMcMorries.com 为准妈妈提供了有用的常见问题解答,并提供了从青春期到绝经后的良好女性护理信息. 


Point A Media created this all-new, mobile-friendly site for The Pines Theater! Visit www.ThePinesLufkin.com to browse a complete calendar of events, 在网上购买门票,了解如何租用这个美丽的场地来举办自己的大型活动! (Behind the curtain, 拉夫金市可以使用一个定制的内容管理系统,该系统充满了一些非常酷的铃声和口哨,用于推广他们所有的活动.)

YULE Love Lufkin Logo

拉夫金会议和旅游局会举办一个为期四天的宝博体育官网app在线下载节日来庆祝圣诞季. 2015 marked the first-ever Yule Love Lufkin celebration. Point A Media与Lufkin CVB合作开发了活动名称和标志,以补充现有的图形,用于宣传城市作为所有年龄段游客的全年目的地.

1923 Society Logo by Point A Media

Stephen F. Austin State University is reviving the 1923 Society as a capstone achievement for students who complete the Certified Student Leader Program. Point A Media worked with the Office of Student Engagement, Leadership & 服务开发一个补充图形包,其中包括一个标志的新程序, 图标集的关键背书和一个标志,代表社会.

International Travel Poster
















Point A Media 帮助国际旅游和游轮公司“把大苹果涂成紫色”的活动,邀请斯蒂芬F. 奥斯丁州立大学伐木工军乐队前往纽约参加2015年梅西感恩节大游行.

SilverSpring Brochure











Point A Media为SilverSpring创建了这个四页宣传册,以突出Abilene主要医疗复杂提供商背后令人难以置信的爱心人士的使命宣言和价值观, rehabilitation and long-term care services.

Wingate Architectural Millwork Company Home Page















Point A Media 与Wingate建筑木制品公司合作设计了一个全新的项目 managed website and launch a fresh and improved brand at www.wingatemillwork.com.

Nacogdoches CVB Historic Sites Brochure

Point A Media partnered with the Nacogdoches Convention & 旅游局和历史纳科多奇的朋友创建了一个新的地图小册子,展示德克萨斯州第一个城市的历史遗址. What started as a list of suspected sites, 演变成一个令人难以置信的设计与用户友好的关键三个区域多个地图.










每一个伟大的标志都值得应用于信笺、名片、信封等. Skelton Slusher Barnhill Watkins Wells PLLC 通过这种专业、协调的论文系统提升他们的品牌 designed by Point A Media.

A consistent image includes consistent collateral materials! Kudos to Nacogdoches Dental 通过各种通信方式扩大他们的品牌知名度!

Mast Motorsports 向全球26,000多名收件人发送了SpeedWire通讯. 除美国外,粉丝最多的国家包括加拿大、日本、澳大利亚和英国.





Point A Media喜欢为2013年制作漂亮的广告和这个甜蜜的宣传片 Nacogdoches Azalea Trail won the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau recognition from the Texas Festivals and Events Association for "Best Single Magazine Display Ad Under $75,000."  A+ kudos to the team!










Point A Media's live results website for the first-ever Summer Fest Texas Battle of the Bands tallied thousands of QR votes! A+ kudos to Tara and the Lufkin Convention & Visitors Bureau team for making it happen!

2013 Texas Blueberry Festival Poster

The Texas Blueberry Festival, presented by Brookshire Brothers, brings more than 25,000 visitors to Nacogdoches every year!

Give To SFA Site Snap

Point A Media is thrilled to work with Stephen F. 奥斯汀州立大学发展办公室在他们全新的网站上, because we know your gift to SFA is an investment in the future. Visit givetosfa.sfasu.edu to learn how your contribution will make a difference.

Point A传媒很高兴有机会在安吉丽娜县合作 & 市卫生区在安吉利娜推广慢性疾病自我管理 & Polk counties. The Take Control Two-Step is a creative, 我们希望ACCHD能够帮助ACCHD在他们所服务的社区生活内外产生可衡量的变化.

Many people like him, but we love our very own Jeff Brewer. Add to his online adoration by liking him on Facebook.



We hit the pavement with our friends at PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A. for the 2012 March of Dimes March for Babies event. A+团队赢得了2012年最佳企业筹款奖,值得称赞! The money team PineyWoods Pediatrics, P.A. raise支持我们社区的项目,帮助妈妈们拥有健康、足月的怀孕. (Plus, 我们觉得很值得长途跋涉离开球场,在桅杆植物园与杰夫的兔子合影.)


Active Angelina Logo




Point A Media's Angela Wiederhold, Angie Brewer, 达纳·布里顿和米歇尔·派克很高兴能在《宝博体育最新版官方网站》中扮演艾伦·邓波儿, Julie Shackelford, 塔拉·沃森·沃特金斯和亚伦·弗莱尔分享了安吉丽娜县绿色基础设施计划的最新情况. The event also included the unveiling of the brand and vision for the all-new Active Angelina initiative.












Bright, colorful, blooming kudos to the Nacogdoches Convention & 美国杜鹃花协会再次认可美国杜鹃花市. 宝博体育官网app在线下载是第一个被指定的城市,也是第一个被重新指定的城市. 

“很高兴回顾你们美丽的城市里发生的杜鹃花事件的历史," wrote ASA Chairperson Robert "Buddy" Lee. “杜鹃花显然是社区文化的一部分,你的城市继续是一个杜鹃花城市是再合适不过了."

We agree! Check out the upcoming Nacogdoches Azalea Trail events at www.NacogdochesAzaleas.com.

Congratulations to the Lufkin Convention & Visitors Bureau for hosting a successful (first-ever) Corks & Forks event. Corks & Forks helped the Lufkin CVB showcase a gorgeous new downtown venue, interest wineries from across Texas & the U.S., feature local artists and garner local TV & print coverage. 此外,Point A Media非常享受这次活动为我们创造的设计、葡萄酒的机会 & dine!


Kudos to Kinnie Douglas and Healthy Nacogdoches for recognition by the Texas Department of State Health Services for integrating comprehensive, city-wide health initiatives and a website 这是“几个宝博体育最新版官方网站和城市为改善其城市健康状况所做努力的杰出例子之一”."

塔拉·沃森-沃特金斯,前德克萨斯小姐和美国小姐的十强半决赛选手,是一个有成就的 motivational and inspirational speaker; personal and pageant coach; dancer and vocalist. She's telling the world with her new website at TaraWatson.com, an engaging Facebook page, optized Twitter feed, branded YouTube page, and glossy announcement postcards for her friends and contacts.

Texas Co-Op Power Recipe Contest

Sweet partnership between the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau  and Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce 将德州蓝莓节推广给德州合作力量成员的全州观众.

TDA2011 Progressive Dinner










The Nacogdoches CVB 获得了举办2011年德州市区协会会议的绝佳机会. Amazing events, 包括沿着砖砌街道参观历史建筑的渐进式晚餐, created fantastic photo ops for future advertising!

Lufkin Bistro LOGO









Lufkin CVB takes top marks for selling out the 2nd annual Lufkin Bistro event. Not only did they feed and entertain a record crowd, 但将活动与Pineywoods炼狱的促销活动相结合,帮助他们在当地酒店预订了额外的过夜!